The Healthy

The Healthy will generally not get sick!
The sick will generally get well, if they get healthy enough!

       This page contains no medical claims. Only good advice about health!

The vast majority of ailments and illnesses are not really medical diseases, but due to lack of nutrients, too many toxics or stress and imbalances of more or less psychological nature.

If you get the nutrients you are missing and have balanced your stress and imbalances will most symptoms disappear as the body gets to rebuilt itself.  It is known in biology world that the cells are affected by the surroundings, unhealthy surroundings provide diseased cells, healthy surroundings provide healthy cells.

We eat in the western world mainly the same few types of foods over and over again, just in different packaging and processing. The body is capable to compensate for deficiencies in a really long time.  But have you neglected the same things or filled you up with the same toxins for many years, dolls have gradually defects and deficiencies up. Then many people would say that it is just my age,  that I have reached the “repair Age”.  But if you get fed the missing nutrients, and purged the toxins, the body will usually be able to rebuild itself.  At least if you also get balanced stress and worries.

There are 5 different mountain people in the world, who have an average life expectancy of over 100 years, and the world record is 168 years old, they all live far from stress, drugs and food additives, so how come that people here in the Western civilization often feel old after 60 ?

Why don’t the doctors tell us ? You might ask.  Remember it is not their field, they are not nutritionists, but trained in medicine, therefore they do not know much other than medical solutions. They can of course be important enough in acute cases, but is rarely healthy in the long run. However, there are some doctors who dare step outside the system and work with natural health.

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